"Right Here"

a Tribute to The Go Betweens

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What I found surprising was how easy it took to compile at first, when I first asked Link Meanie if The Meanies wanted to appear he simply responded "Only if we can do Lee Remick' (The very song I wanted them to do). While listening to 16 Lover's Lane. I could almost imagine Angie Hart of Frente singing 'Clouds' so a fax to White Records was sent. Expecting the thanks but no thanks fax I was sent the "Sure we'd love to !!!" (Whoa! In Otto from Simpsons Voice). Snout were also a real surprise to have on the comp. While in Adelaide for the Easter Weekend I introduced myself to Ross. He snapped to me "You won't let us on your Tribute!"... "Well Ross you never asked"... While with some acts it involved just a short phone call other acts decided to call me to ask, "Why weren't we considered" It was decided to include a run of bonus tracks on the 1st pressing to try to accommodate some of those wanting to be involved.


Andy O'Brien or AO'B as he's known, Produced, Recorded & Engineered a number of the tracks on the LP and mixed the finished product. He also saved the project from it being a 2 bands recording on the same day using the same drum set up. So thanks to AO'B the bands were spared the quick fuck in the elevator type recording sess.


Over the period of compiling the Tribute the only real involvement from members of the Go-Betweens was this. I did meet Grant McLennan at the Shock Records X-Mas party (While being totally blind drunk). He did give me his blessing for the tribute but declined to do the liner notes, saying he didn't want to be involved on that kind of level. I was however incredibly surprised when I received a fax from Grant (sent on behalf of Shock) with a list of Grant's wish list of bands he'd want on it. The only other member was John Willstead who played on two tracks on the LP.


There were just a few acts that missed out on the comp... Incursion were to do a version of 'Second Hand Furniture', but in a drunken state lead singer Gus broke his hand on the night before recording. You Am I were to do 'The Clarke Sisters' but some lame reason was given why didn't couldn't appear after they agreed to. Cosmic Psychos had some reason but that's another story I'd rather not bore you with.


The original idea was to rip off the picture of Lee Remick that was used on the Go-Betweens 'Able Label' 12" reissue and do some Warhol like colouring to it. When Nick Tklac from Roo Art / Headache pointed out to me that I'd probably get caught for doing that (the 80's was cooler to get away with that shit) the search was on for an artist to desgin the whole thing. I did ask Simon Day to do the cover but he said the new RatCat LP was coming up and that was taking his time... Rejection after rejection. One day while talking shit to Billy Baxter in Raoul Records a local artist K T overheard and hey presto problem solved...

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