"Right Here"

a Tribute to The Go Betweens

by Cousin Creep

The 'making of a CD' by the man who put it together.

WARNING: The follow article contains NAME DROPPING. As much as I hate doing it unfortunately there was no way of getting around it since the following name drops actually took place...


It was never meant to be the 21 track behemoth CD it became. Well, allow me to explain myself (thanks to Ed for allowing me to). I was going out with a girl that forever wanted me to do a single with Killdozer covering 'Spring Rain'. Thinking Killdozer had split, the idea was just left on the back burner (or me just being slack I forget). I did listen to The Go-Betweens at the time, but when the grunge explosion hit (early 1989 to late 1990) I then went into denying ever listening to The Go-Betweens (and other cool stuff from the 80's). I stupidly preferred to stick my ostrich head into the honeypot of grunge. Music in the post 'Nevermind' world was starting to get nasty and sour. The majors started giving music consumers the 90's equivalent to Jefferson Airplane (Smashing Pumpkins) & third rate rehashes of what happened 15 years ago (Green Day / Offspring). To combat this, I decided to dust off the idea of a Go-Betweens split 7", although it seemed obsolete doing vinyl, so a tribute CD was planned. Of course I was hoping this tribute would be easier to compile, than the ill fated New York Dolls tribute I had tried to compile a few years before.


A list of bands was scribbled down containing both American & Australian outfits and I hit the phone long distance calling O.S to ask around for who'd wanna be on it. Faced with the usual "We're on Tour for the Next 6 Months/ Our Record Label Won't Let Us & The Drummer's Mother is Sick" it was decided that in order to get the record out by the next millennium it would have an entire Australian content. So with a sizeable wish list of Australian bands and riding high on STD calls, it was soon a sinch to compile the fucker. What I found surprising was that most bands had a softspot for the Go-Betweens and I received very few 'Thanks but No Thanks' (There was one in particular I received from a certain well known manager of a fine stable of hi profile indie rawk acts, who after declining one of his acts I said "I was thinking of asking Frente" he responded "I would never get Frente to ever appear on it" and abruptly hung up on me).

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