"Right Here"

a Tribute to The Go Betweens

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Snout 'Karen' - Another tape loop type song and recorded on 4 track, all bass and drums on the verses and guitar on the chorus. It turns 'Karen' intoa soulful spaghetti western type groove. Ross McLennan take a bow.

Free Moving Curtis 'Hammer The Hammer' - A true black sheep amongst the pearls I guess, this version of 'Hammer The Hammer' is quite deliberate. Most acts on this LP had such a hard time doing McLennan songs (due to worshipping at the church of GW) that they felt they had bit off more then they could chew. Free Moving Curtis didn't respect or like The Go-Betweens and knew they would stick out like tits on a bull. They slap out 'Hammer The Hammer' with no apologies whatsoever and with a shit load of Killdozer like growl.

The Steinbecks 'Draining The Pool For You' - I used to go to school with Joel & Josh from The Steinbecks (Back in the 80's). They were huge indie rock fans especially The Go-Betweens. This is what you would call a carbon copy cover, but the inclusion of the trumpet on the end gives it an early 80's ska / 2 Tone ish feel to it.

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