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Why I REALLY love Juliana Hatfield

Juliana Hatfield

I first came across Juliana Hatfield in 1992, when I heard the last EP that her first band The Blake Babies released. It was called Rosy Jack World and it contained a cover of the song Temptation Eyes, which I heard on the radio. The Blakes were a great pop band who I went on to discover in-depth later. I was really into New Zealand pop bands like the Chills and the Bats at the time and the Blake Babies really tickled my fancy, if only in passing.I next heard of Juliana when her first solo album Hey Babe came out. I was in first year at Melbourne University and was watching the budget. However when I heard the song, Everybody Loves Me But You, I loved Juliana's voice and went out to purchase the disc.

I was Knocked Out

It was a double bonus when I saw the CD in the shop and was knocked out a second time. Not only did this chick have a great voice and awesome pop sensibilities, but she was kinda good looking too. I want to stress that I heard Juliana well before I ever saw her, so I'm not just a huge fan because of the way she looks. Well, she toured Australia with Belly that year and it was really great to hear her live. A guy I used to hang with called Hamish was a big Belly fan and we crawled under the stage at the Melbourne Uni gig. He had met Belly previously, so they were pretty amused that we popped out from under the stage. Click here for my Belly Autographed set list (double click on pic to close).

More on this topic to come....




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